Jargon, Slang, and Colloquialisms in Worldbuilding

One of my favorite parts of worldbuilding is developing dialogue and speech patterns. Thanks to the Internet and the connectivity it creates, you don’t have to be an actual philologist like Tolkien to create realistic jargon, slang, and colloquialisms in your speculative fiction. In creating new worlds, fitting dialogue helps to render the setting and... Continue Reading →

What is the Dusk Timeline?

WARNING: Mild spoilers contained. (They are really mild, but spoilers nonetheless) The original concept of the Dusk story was a very simple one. Before there was a title or a narrative there was an idea: A scientist is sent to colonize and study a planet hundreds of light years away on a ship traveling a... Continue Reading →

Developing Bahia for Nightfall

I wanted to write a story about the Mars colony in the Dusk universe and wanted to particularly write about its destruction as it is a precursor to some of the events in the main storyline in the trilogy. The inhabitants of Mars are not acutely aware of the nature and motives of their aggressors,... Continue Reading →

A New Journey Begins

This is the first official post on my new blog site Cosmogenesis. The goal of the blog is to discuss worldbuilding and character generation in my own work with some room for reviews (with a focus on the crafting of the narrative) and other musings about constructing mythos, setting, and plausibility. I love worldbuilding and... Continue Reading →

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